Doss House has a studio and employees ready for photo sessions in Dubai, but we can also arrange a shoot at a different location. We offer photographic services in Food, Tourism, Lifestyle, Product, Automotive, and Landscape photography.

Web Development


In the current digital era, corporate video creation has become essential and offers an engaging method of reaching out to your audience. Corporate videos may be published regularly on all of your marketing channels, including your website, social media pages, and landing pages, so they last a lifetime and maintain their influence.


Event Shoots

Any business or brand may benefit from event coverage, whether it lasts for a week or just a few hours. Our Video Production team of expert videographers and content creators can capture your event and use the power of moving pictures to convey its narrative. Additionally, our team of professionals will make sure that the lens captures the effort you put into your production.

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Our professionals at the graphic design studio in Dubai engage client views with a strong analytical approach. Together, you and our branding agency specialists in Dubai improve concepts to align with your brand's vision and strategy.


Social Media Videos

You can get on track and overcome the competition with the assistance of our video production team. We provide whole social media solutions, which include video creation that captures your brand and turns it into video clips you can publish on various social media sites.

Commercial Advertise


Raw videos can be edited by our team of editors when you need them. From audio to editing and post-production photography, we have all the resources and expertise at our fingertips to give your video content a competitive edge. We modify video content to work on different devices.

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    Marketing Your Brand with Us

    For brands, our team of directors, animators, designers, and editors creates pictures that may be utilized for eCommerce and all of your branding material. Menus, offline printed photographs, and material for websites, marketing, advertising, and social media have all been produced using our photographic services. Everything starts with a goal and a plan, producing a finished good that will be a useful asset for your business.

    We have collaborated with businesses from all around the world to provide engaging content that has improved sales. Let us use our professional video production services in Dubai to assist you in achieving your commercial objectives.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Online users' love of video is the reason why marketers like it so much. Every day, more than one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube. A powerful and interesting content format is video. Sharing across several platforms is simple. The potential for a high ROI is great because creating a video is now much simpler thanks to smartphones and digital manipulation.

    You must first develop a solid video marketing plan if you want your video marketing campaign to be effective.

    The good news is that implementing a video marketing strategy follows a process that is quite similar to that of implementing any other marketing plan. Establish your objectives first, then decide whom you want to reach with your content.

    Consider the phases of your sales cycle as well. These few factors will assist you in determining the type of videos you should produce.

    A video campaign does not have to be expensive; nevertheless, this depends. It partly relies on whether you want to work with a video marketing company or produce your films internally.

    There are many internet tools and applications that are free or inexpensive yet might be very helpful to you when you begin to make videos.

    Once more, the answer to this question depends on your company's identity and the goal you have in mind for the video.

    News and humor are among of the greatest audience draw, although that is concluding.

    Making your material as entertaining as possible is a solid general rule. Nobody wants to be bored, whether they are watching for enjoyment or to get a specific solution.

    No, not always. For instance, most individuals aspire to produce something that may go viral with TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and other compressed formats.

    Whether or whether your video becomes viral, the key is to keep it brief, to the point, and to grab your audience's attention right away.

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