Corporate Websites

Our skilled web developers create each corporate website from the ground up with your company's needs and goals in mind. Our corporate website design services focus on the websites that provide results!

Web Development

E-Commerce Websites

To assist you in expanding your business and improving your online visibility, our eCommerce developers create online storefronts. eCommerce website design business specializes in Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and bespoke shopping cart development services.


Domain & Hosting Services

For us, data security comes first. Therefore, we reserve your domain name, host the websites, and offer email services on the most dependable, effective, and highly protected servers. We host our sites using cutting-edge technology to accommodate all customer demands.

Digital Marketing

App Development

Under one roof, we provide top-notch app development services for iOS, Android, and hybrid platforms. Our skilled staff of top app developers can assist you with expanding your mobile app or game to fit your demands.


Website Maintenance

Due to our extensive website maintenance contract with our clients, which ensures the highest level of back-end support, Doss House is regarded as the company that offers the finest website maintenance services in Dubai.

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    Build Your Website with Us

    At Doss House we develop various websites for you:

    • Personal / Blogger
    • E-commerce
    • Dynamic
    • Static
    • Web portal
    • Portfolio
    • Non-profit
    • Educational
    • Business
    • Media
    • Entertainment

    We build unique websites, eCommerce platforms, corporate websites, online portals, and content management systems. We specialize in providing customized CMS, Laravel, and Joomla development services to provide engaging content that appeals to your target audience. Let our web professionals assist you with your upcoming project so that you may develop your website and expand your company on a tight budget.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Yes! The majority of buyers find and research businesses online before making any purchases, even if referrals from friends and family can be very useful. Your business gains trust and increases brand recognition thanks to an internet presence. Additionally, websites are a platform for a variety of marketing techniques, such as e-commerce, online customer support, and consumer engagement.

    The term "responsive" describes online or app design that adapts to various screen sizes. It enables the website or app to look its best on every screen and adapt to it. Designers frequently employ the mobile-first strategy while creating a website or an app with responsive mobile design.

    In these situations, the design is modified by the target device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or television. It makes it more inclusive by enabling easier access to the constantly expanding spectrum of devices in various markets.

    Yes, we provide website rebuild service.

    Clients occasionally aren't happy with how well their present website performs. We will examine the most recent performance data during a conference. Online, you may also obtain a free audit to evaluate the effectiveness of your website. Following that, we will send the client a list of suggestions for updating his website.

    After the procedure, a submission for him or her to proceed with adjustments to their website will be sent. Once approved, we can move on to redesign the project. You should be aware that quality work can be completed without necessarily erasing earlier work. With changes, the issue can be made better.

    Instead of upsetting users, websites should be designed to entertain and welcome them. Only a well-designed website will be capable of attracting and keeping users. The homepage must have a pleasing appearance, be simple to grasp and be free of unwanted pop-up windows.

    If the website's homepage is bad, visitors will leave rather than look around. Additionally, the website's navigation should be simple, and loading times should be quick without using distracting copy or poor images.

    Yes, we do internal website design and development. You will have less control over design, options, and animation when working with a bespoke theme if your budget depends. However, you will still receive the crucial advantages of an effective, data-driven, SEO-sound, correctly migrated marketing website.

    The cost of the websites we develop ranges widely, however the majority of our design and development projects. We concentrate on creating and designing websites for your actual target audience, which is your consumers or customers. Because sustainability is essential to us, research is an integral component of this process to ensure that we construct a site that will work for your business both now and in the future.

    The Website with Outstanding Design that Reflects Your Brand

    Doss House provides picture-perfect quality UI/UX design services for B2B and B2C websites. It utilizes a responsive design strategy to make it work on all platforms and set your website from the competition. Mainly in English and Arabic, our web developers have a specialization in designing bilingual websites. Significance of Your website is essentially your online brand; it has the power to build or ruin the perception of your company.

    Importance of a Responsive Website

    • Well Designed and Functional
    • Easy to Use
    • Optimized for Mobile
    • Fresh, Quality Content
    • Readily accessible contact and location
    • Clear calls to action
    • Optimized for Search
    • Speed Optimization

    We want your website to feel fantastic and look amazing. Because of this, we create each homepage with expert imagery, lovely design, and simple UX/UI principles that improve user experiences. Users can easily discover what they need on your site thanks to our user-friendly, clear designs.

    A well-designed website will inevitably attract visitors and convert them into customers. Additionally, you'll be able to interact with visitors by using online forms or social networking icons. You will be able to grow your following and maintain leads thanks to these innovations.

    Our Process as a Website Development Company

    • Gathering information
    • Planning
    • Designing
    • Content writing
    • Coding
    • Testing and Delivery
    • Support and Maintenance

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